What they've been up to this month:

This month Mousetrap were able to offer tickets to The Ferryman for just £10 each to families who had previously taken part in their FamilyFirstNights programme. They received wonderful feedback following the performance, and one parent took the time to send them the following letter…

“Thank you so much for the reduced tickets for The Ferryman. We absolutely loved it and it was such a treat to see such a quality piece of theatre. We discussed it all the way home and my daughter, who has just completed a piece of school coursework on Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem, was completely entranced by it.

We talked so much about Irish politics and political conflicts worldwide and I know it has made a profound effect on us. It has really made my daughter think about the danger of always wanting revenge rather than making peace and hopefully this will stick with her forever.

This will probably be our last time of using Mousetrap as soon my daughter will be too old to qualify for tickets. I have a son on the Autistic Spectrum and a daughter who has suffered from severe anxiety and we have so appreciated our ‘time off’ the stress for a night at the theatre over the past years.

You cannot believe how much we have enjoyed these opportunities of going into another world for a few hours. It has been so much more than a distraction; it has been enriching, stimulating and a time to share an enjoyable experience together.

In a time where the arts are becoming undervalued in schools due to financial restraints, on behalf of my family, thank you so much for all that you do for families like mine.”

Mousetrap’s FamilyFirstNights makes London’s outstanding theatre accessible to families who are experiencing disadvantage, with £6 tickets and extra support and information to help them get over any apprehensions.