What we've been up to this month:

‘Defying Gravity’ was the theme this month as we sent an amazing 37 youth groups involving more than 750 young people, to see the musical Wicked over 4 dates. 80% of those young people had never been to the theatre before.  This tells you something about the narrowness of these young people’s lives. One of their youth leaders wrote: 

'As we were going in one child asked the door usher if it was going to be a good film! In all earnest she had no idea what was inside and she was blown away! They could not believe the people in the programme had been on the stage and they had seen them "really singing"!' 

We’ve been busy in special schools too with lots of students having a crazy time over the last few weeks in the company of the Mad Hatter, at dance company ZooNation’s hip hop take on the Lewis Carroll classic.  Plus we ran a fantastic week-long residency in in Shaftesbury Special School, working with economically disadvantaged students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Two of our best drama practitioners, John Carter and Jonny Ball (or The Two Jonnys as we call them) devised an engaging project to encourage students to work together more effectively, show respect for their peers and increase their confidence and social skills.  

A visit to The Lion King was the inspirational catalyst for the week of drama sessions which culminated in a heart-warming final sharing with family and friends on Friday afternoon. The teacher was ecstatic and said:

“Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.  It has really lifted our students’ morale and provided a boost to their learning, development and social skills. Thanks again to John and Johnny…they were awesome!!!”