What we've been up to this month:

80 students from 5 London special schools took a trip to Neverland this month (aka Regents Park Open Air Theatre’s production of Peter Pan…). It was a swashbuckling day of excitement and adventure and a couple of the students loved it so much that they took the time to send us a review!
“Peter Pan in Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre was amazingly beautiful. It was an outside environment where the actors would run in and out of the surrounding bushes making us audience feel surprised and special. My favourite part was the pirates and the crocodile, I liked when the crocodiles mouth opened from the floorboards and ate Captain Hook.

"The actors were really good and funny and used puppets. Tinker Bell was a lamp and the mermaids’ faces were made from war masks. I would see this play again and tell my friends, it’s funny and Pan flying was awesome.” – Students, London Special School.
Theatre journeys opens the doors of West End theatre to students with special needs by providing a theatre trip to a top London show and best seats in the house for young people attending special schools.