What we've been up to this month:

It’s been a big month for everyone at Mousetrap Theatre Projects as we just hosted an incredible gala in honour of the charity’s 21stbirthday! To celebrate, we put on a star-studded variety show at the Prince of Wales Theatre, including performances from the Dreamgirls,Mamma Mia!, David Suchet, Rachel Tucker, and Tyrone Huntley amongst others.
The most moving part of the evening was hearing what our work, across our 21 years, has meant to our beneficiaries …
“Being with other like families in a theatre full of happy, excited children was an experience I will never forget. Neither words nor pictures can capture the raw emotion buzzing from one end of the theatre to the other. What a fantastic opportunity to be able to take your child, who is often stared at and hushed, to an environment where anything goes... I am overwhelmed by the kind heartedness of people who work with our children in the world of special needs. Without you constantly pushing and striving on our behalf the world would be a far more limiting place.”
 “Mousetrap built confidence and self-esteem in young people at our youth centre who have very little belief in their abilities. Their personal boundaries were pushed and their horizons broadened. They felt they had achieved something.”
“My son was totally transformed in the Mousetrap Summer School:  Where was my anxious, fearful boy?  He had vanished and in his place, stood a confident, self-assured young man. I was choked up hearing him sing solo on stage and so proud. For once in his life, he seemed to be able to acknowledge that he had done well and accepted the praise that we gave him.  The child who believes he is 'rubbish' for once felt good about himself and believed in his own ability. It was so special to see that in him.” 
“'It was the best show ever.  I loved it, it was so moving.  I cried, laughed and came out wanting to make a difference in the world.”