Do you remember sitting in a theatre as a child and feeling that sense of being transported into a different, magical world? By voting for Mousetrap you can give that very special, uplifting experience to hundreds of disadvantaged children and young people and those with special needs. 

“One boy came out and said he felt as if he was “flying” he was so happy (he is a wheelchair user)” John Chilton School

Theatre trips are just the beginning. With our extensive range of education projects, a vote for Mousetrap will help harness the transformative power of drama to build self-esteem, confidence and aspirations in the most vulnerable young Londoners.

“My son was totally transformed: Where was my anxious, fearful boy?  He had vanished and in his place, stood a confident, self-assured young man. I was choked up and so proud.” Mother of a Mousetrap participant. 



  • could pay for our 2017 two-week performing arts summer school
  • Benefiting 40 teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, e.g. low-income families, Social Services ‘at risk’ registers or with special needs.
  • This would give them a confidence-boosting experience, expose them to the magic that theatre had to offer and enable them to gain the Arts Award qualification.


  • could pay for six 6-week youth group drama projects
  • Benefiting 100 young people from London’s most deprived estates or vulnerable circumstances, e.g. homeless, young carers.
  • This would give them a safe space to build trust, soft-skills and explore issues relevant to their lives through drama, like bullying, healthy relationships, inter-faith mixing.


  • could pay for could pay for our entire year’s programme of accessible theatre days
  • Benefiting 250 deaf and visually impaired children and young people.
  • This would give them the chance to engage with live theatre in a way they didn’t think possible and, importantly, have the self-esteem-raising, identity-affirming experience of meeting other deaf or VI children.