What we've been up to this month:

Supporting Dads in partnership with Music, Football and Fatherhood

On October 26th we ran a Saturday workshop for Dads in partnership with men's lifestyle and parenting platform Music, Football and Fatherhood. This was a great opportunity to support Dads as they raise children of all ages, including building strong and supportive relationships with your children so they are more likely to open up if they have concerns, helping children to have positive relationships, peer pressure and bullying.

Launch of Kidscape ZAP in Schools programme

The launch of our Zap in Schools programme has been a great success. The two hour school based workshop raises awareness of bullying as well as introducing tools and tips on developing assertiveness and resilience. The workshops are classroom based and can be delivered to up to 30 children. We are currently offering these workshops in areas where we have paid Kidscape Representatives however we are also trialing delivery in the South West of England by a trained volunteer which is going really well.

Since April we have delivered to 1591 young people. In November and December we have a further 23 workshops in schools planned and anticipate empowering a further 690 young people to help stop bullying. We were delighted to receive this following letter from a boy in Year 5:

'Thank you Kidscape. I have now learnt how to be an active bystander and have also learnt how to detect when someone is being bullied. Next year I will be more alert and look out for people being bullied now that Kidscape have helped me learn more. For example, if someone is being horrible I will now be an active bystander.
I will also talk to people being bullied so they aren’t lonely and to make them feel better.
Many thanks,