What we've been up to:

March and April have been busy months for Create!

A new project in south London explored music with children aged 6–12 with severe emotional or behavioural disorders. We brought disabled and non-disabled young people together to make ceramics; and during the Easter holidays over 40 young carers in London took part in dance, drama and filmmaking workshops with us.

During the school holidays, young carers often experience the stress of increased time spent on their caring responsibilities. Our workshops give them the chance to have some valuable ‘me-time’ whilst developing their creative and social skills alongside other children who have similar experiences to their own.
Our visual artists, Sam, ran a sculpture project with young carers in Brighton where Tilly (9) cares for her mum. She told us about her experiences:

“Me and my sister [sic] look after my mum because she gets stressed quite easily and sometimes she gets quite ill. She can still look after us but we have to be a bit more careful, and sometimes she goes to bed super early, like actual daytime, because she’s really tired. 

“This was my first young carer group thing that I’ve done. Being creative makes me feel happy, especially when I’ve finished, because then I can just have a look at my art and like it. And also if I think it’s not that good I can go back to it another time and carry on until it looks nice.
“On the first day, it was my first time using a hot glue gun and I didn’t get burnt a single time. We can learn more here than at school. My class at school is very badly behaved so it can be hard to learn things. Here I don’t have to go by strict rules. Sam gives you an idea, she gives you the basics of what you’re doing, like you’re doing a doll out of this recycling, and then you can do anything else you want. It lets you use your creativity more."
Also in March and April …