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New High Court Judgement on Suicide Rulings Will Save Young Lives

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide welcomes the new ruling that the civil standard of proof (on the balance of probabilities) should now be used by coroners in reaching a conclusion of suicide at inquest rather than using the criminal standard (beyond all reasonable doubt).

PAPYRUS Chief Executive Office, Ged Flynn, says ‘”For several years, PAPYRUS has been pressing HM Government to change the law in this regard but the Government has had no stomach for such a change… Thankfully the Court of Appeal has seen sense.

“Suicide remains a real taboo subject, largely because it was once a crime. Despite a change in law over 50 years ago, we still talk about ‘committing suicide’ as though it were still a crime. The new ruling means that there will be more deaths recorded as suicides, hence giving us a truer picture of the numbers of people taking their own lives.

"More importantly, the new ruling addresses the stigma around suicide and will help people of all ages to discuss openly issues around suicide. It removes an unhelpful barrier for people to say they are having thoughts of suicide and to seek help. Stigma is what stops young people speaking about their thoughts of suicide. That’s why this judgement will ultimately save young lives.”