What we've been up to this month:

  • On Blue Monday (16th Jan) we launched our #braveface social media campaign. The image many young people present to the outside world may not reflect how they are feeling inside – we must ask about suicide to save lives. You can read more here
  • PAPYRUS is 20 in 2017!  We are recognising the occasion by bringing the PAPYRUS community together at three events across the UK in London, Warrington and Birmingham in February, March and April. As part of Raise Your Hands, you are very welcome! Find out more here
  • We welcomed moves to improve suicide prevention through the government’s publication of an updated Suicide Prevention Strategy on 9 January 2017, and the Prime Minister’s speech on mental health. Read our response to the PM’s speech 
  • In January we announced that Norman Lamb MP is a new Patron of PAPYRUS. Norman is MP for North Norfolk and is a Liberal Democrat, and has also spoken publicly of his personal connections to mental illness and suicide
  • Monday 7th Feb was Safer Internet Day. This is a key date for PAPYRUS, as one of our campaigns is to improve internet safety in relation to suicide. You can find out more about our work on online safety, and the recommendations we have put to the internet industry, here