What we've been up to this month:

Last month saw the highest level of calls, emails and texts ever received to HOPELineUk, PAPYRUS’ helpline service.  HOPELine is the helpline service of PAPYRUS, the only national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.  HOPELineUK provides support both for young people who are having thought of suicide, and for anyone who may have concerns about a young person.

In October 2017 there was a 58% rise in calls, and a 69% rise in texts and emails received compared to the same month in 2016*. 

There are many different possible reasons for this – young people starting or leaving university, going into a new school year, the darker nights and colder weather and the lack of other support perceived to be available.

Two weeks ago we received an anonymous donation along with a note:

 "Thank you for your work, the HOPELine text service saved my life twice and the phone isn't always accessible for me and many disabled / deal people.  Without your text service, I wouldn't be alive.

This only proves to us that the demand for our service is every growing, but that the service we provide is very much needed and invaluable.