What we've been up to this month:

We have enjoyed an amazing summer season at Siblings Together:

  • So far we have completed X2 summer camps already this month at residential centres located in coastal areas of the U.K.  These activity camps have already allowed 44 children in total at attend camps this summer
  • Our residential camps are designed to offer siblings who have been separated from each other in the Care System the opportunity to re-unite in Outdoor Adventure Centres in rural England and Wales for a week-long period
  • The children engage in activities such as Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Coasteering, Surfing etc. over the course of the week. Throughout the week they also engage in reflective and therapeutic activities. We have art rooms and relaxation areas where the children are encouraged to express themselves through 'creating'. Each day the children work on scrapbooks which contain their photographic memories from the week. We also run music workshops and drama-based activities in addition to incorporating equine therapy opportunities
  • These activities not only provide the siblings with new and exciting memories but also improves their sibling relationships through problem solving together and being mutually supportive of each other as they explore outside their comfort zone
  • Many of the children who attend our camps have very infrequent contact with their brothers or sisters and they often report to us that they are never given the opportunity to enjoy overnight stays together. The contact they do share together often occurs unnaturally in contact centres, Social Service offices and in built-up urban locations. This has the cumulative effect of generating feelings of being 'different' from their peers in school. We are trying to reverse this reality by offering extended and meaningful holidays for sibling groups
  • The camps also help to improve children and young people's capacity to solve interpersonal conflicts through their sibling interactions and through pro-social behaviours being modelled by our skilled staff members
  • In addition to continuing our work in London with our Monthly Activity Days, we are looking forward to our final camp of 2017 in October which is already fully subscribed with 25 children attending.  We look forward to it being another fun, exciting and enriching experience for the sibling groups.