What we've been up to this month:

These quilts come with an incredible story. They're sent from around the world to Siblings Together. In some cases, the pieces that make up the quilts have been sent by many women in different countries and are finally pieced together into a magical blanket by Nicky at Siblings Together back in the UK.

The quilts are then given to the siblings in foster care who attend the Siblings Together programmes. The tradition of quilts is an old one, representing continuity and family ties, and they are often made with fabrics of past clothes and dresses.

Many of these children have so little to hold close in terms of personal items. Their friends, their schools, their ‘everything’ is left behind, as a black bin liner holds their clothes on their journey to their next foster home. Having these quilts changes this. Not only do they have something unique and ultra-special. They know these were made especially for them.

The quilts hold memory lifelines; times spent with their Siblings Together, having fun, playing, being with and around other children who are in the same situation as themselves. Children use these quilts to cuddle when feeling alone or sad, some say they cover themselves in their safe blanket and recall these lovely times.