What we've been up to this month:

Recognising that it is Volunteers Week next week, we'd like to celebrate our eldest volunteer, who is a wonderful role model, and proves one is never too old to care and contribute.

Erica has been a valuable member of our volunteering team at Siblings Together for the past two years.

Erica experienced separation from her own siblings as a child temporarily, and wanted to become involved in bringing others together. Whilst growing up in Austria, Erica recalled missing her two siblings, who during the year would be sent to Switzerland each year, and she recalls missing them terribly.

Erica joins all of our outings with the children and she's usually found in the middle of all the action! Although she may not run about playing football all day long, she has that very genuine and welcoming personality and gives a feeling of having a safe and loving relative in your midst!

What does Erica likes most about volunteering with us? She says, “It is the wonderful children that I gets to work with, the atmosphere and the idea behind the charity as a whole”.

That said, Erica is quick to point out that none of the young volunteers have treated her like an old person. Nobody could have ever known how valuable her presence would be for our children and our team, and we are thrilled that we have her with us and can share a real sense of a secure family feeling.

This year we will be celebrating with Erica her 80th Birthday which goes to show that age has no limits to volunteering and our children are very receptive this fact!

Erica’s message to anyone wanting to volunteer would be : “Give it a go, everyone should do some volunteering if only to see how the other half live, share new experiences and to make a difference in people’s lives."