Thank you from Siblings Together

Dear 'Raise Your Hands' team!!

It was incredible meeting all of you amazingly dedicated people who had invested so much time care and love into our incredible charities, which you have placed under your Raise Your Hands Wings!!. 

Hearing heartwarming stories from each of the charities at the celebration evening was breathtaking. We utterly respect and admire every one of them, we all compliment each another in very special way, with our united vision for change and healing within our community.

'Raise Your Hands' has brought everyone together to make all of this possible and has made a massive impact across all of our charities! We hope beyond hope they continue to invest in this work.  

The impact is very real, your investment in our work will create safe nurturing spaces in which to rebuild the lives and relationships of the most vulnerable children in our society. Children can begin to trust that life can be a safe place with those whom they love, and move into a positive future together. Your efforts and contributions will help us to continue and develop more spaces for this important transformation. 

Our dedicated teams of staff and volunteers and trustees and especially all of the children and young people wish to thank each and all of you with deepest gratitude. 

Delma Hughes

Warmest wishes to all of your team 

Camps worker- Matthew Brice "Thanks for you as camps Coordinator I get to see firsthand the Joy and Happiness that arrises when siblings are reconnected, thank you so much for your support in developing this work" 

Cheryl- Administrator- "We appreciate your contribution towards the children and helping them to connect"