Our sibling relationship can be some of the most important and long lasting in our lives. Sadly many young people in care are separated from their brothers and sisters and the longer a young person is in care the more likely they are to lose contact. Siblings Together provide opportunities for planned, enjoyable, creative and high quality sibling contact for children living in different care arrangements. Our activities day activities range from those the young people might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience (e.g theme parks and sporting events) to taking a football to the park with a picnic.

The days build positive memories for young people and helps them develop strong family bonds now and into adulthood.

‘The best part of the day was my sister piggy backing me in the park’ - Boy aged 6

‘I enjoyed singing with my sisters’ - Girl aged 13

‘He told me this (organising for him and his sister to attend MADs) was the best thing I had ever done for him’ (social worker)



  • would cover the cost of activities and food for our three existing monthly activity days.
  • This would pay for 45 young people to enjoy an activity with their siblings once a month throughout 2017. Examples of trips taken in 2016 are Rugby match at Wembley Stadium, Pedalos and Picnic in the Park, Thorpe Park, Laser Tag, City Farm, Superhero day in Youth Centre and Trampolining



  • would cover the total cost of running one monthly activity day for 15 young people and allow us to run three residential weekends, supporting 18 young people to holiday with their siblings overnight. 


  • would allow us to cover the total cost of one monthly activity day, supporting 15 young people throughout 2017 and provide the funds to start a new monthly activity day in London, supporting an additional 15 young people.