Sparkplug Motorcycle Project Update

This term has been one of the most difficult for staff and young people at Sparkplug with currently 40% of the students on our roll being `looked after’ children with very complex needs including behaviour and learning issues.


Research shows that success in education – more than anything else – determines whether a young person who has been `looked after’ has a fulfilling adult life. Many children and young people in care do not receive a successful learning experience. They are more likely to have Special Educational Needs: 28% have a statement of SEN compared to 3% of all children. Their average attainment is far worse than that of their peers.


Year 10 student Chelsey she is very camera shy!                                  

Conor and Mo working together on his coursework


Due to the many issues facing some of these young people it was clear that we needed to offer those students additional support, if they were going to be able to not only stay at Sparkplug but to actually achieve something.

After many meetings and discussions between Sparkplug staff, board members and other professionals it became clear that without an individualised approach it will be very hard for this group of young people to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential.

Using the funding received from Raise your Hands Sparkplug has been able to bring in additional staff and peer mentors to work one-to-one with students on a daily basis, and so far this is having a positive effect, especially on behaviour issues, ensuring that the right support is in place for all young people, which is central to closing the attainment gap. Also improving relationships with their peers and learning the importance of teamwork.