What they've been up to this month:  

A charity that focuses on the betterment of young people’s futures through sports-themed personal development programmes, Sport4Life have been busy compiling their impact report for 2016-17. This report summarises all the great stuff they’ve done recently:

  • 400 of the 929 young people who signed up for Sport4Life programmes completed them.
  • 351 of the 400 gained at least one life skill, and 262 of the young people who completed one of the programmes gained at least one accredited qualification.
  • As a result of the Sport4Life programmes, 67 young people achieved a sustained job outcome!

As well as some great statistical data, Sport4Life had some touching testimonials from some of the young people they’ve helped. One such person was Frederico, 19, who had this to say:

“Looking back, I’m really glad I joined Sport 4 Life, they have supported me a lot with my confidence, communication, and in getting my first qualification. I owe them a lot for getting me to where I am.”

If you’d like to know about Sport4Life, and read more about their impact report, you can view it here.