What they've been up to: 

Storybook Dads, a charity that facilitates meaningful contact between imprisoned parents and their children, have released their impact report, and they’ve done more in 2017 than they did in any of the past three years! Storybook Dads produced over 5,000 DVDs and CDs and hundreds of other gifts for the children of imprisoned parents. They also had six new prisons join them, which brings the total number of participating prisons up 94 out of a possible 120.

Not only that, Storybook Dads also asked the families and prisoners what they felt they had gotten out of Storybook Dads. 94% of the prisoners believed they had achieved something positive, and 88% said that they felt that Storybook Dads had enriched their relationship with their child. Of the families that were helped by Storybook Dads, 88% said that it helped their child to worry less, and 84% said that it increased contact between parent and child.

This is some great work being done by Storybook Dads, and the Raise Your Hands contribution goes a long way in helping families reconnect! You can follow what Storybook Dads are doing here.