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We wanted to share some fabulous feedback..

"My daughter gets so excited that she gets to hear her Daddy's voice as and when SHE wants. Especially as he's reading her favourite book. It's a fantastic thing to do for the children as it makes them feel like their parents are with them, when they need them and on the plus side it helps me settle her down for bed!”
Feedback from a Dad in prison: “My partner said that since I’ve been away my daughter gets sad a lot of the time. We used to cuddle up on the settee before bedtime and watch one of her favourite cartoon programmes. I can’t be there to do that with her for a while, but she loves to listen to the two bedtime stories I’ve recorded for her.  When I get out I’m going to cuddle up with her and read her stories.  I’ve never done that before, but now I know how important it is.”