What we've been up to this month:

While serving a three year sentence, Billy first came to Storybook Dads to record a story for his young daughter. Billy was worried that he would lose contact with his little girl, Maisie, and that she would forget about him.

He later worked as an editor at Storybook Dads in HMP Dartmoor when Maisie was about 18 months old and whilst he was with us recorded CDs,  DVDs and made a comic. Billy continued to work for us until he was moved to a lower category prison to serve out  the rest of his sentence.  We recently had a letter from him. Here is an extract from that letter:  

“…I hadn’t seen Maisie for about 4 months…I waited for a home leave. I was expecting Maisie to be a bit shy around me but she was the complete opposite; she was bouncing up and down and all excited when I picked her up. We went round my mum’s for breakfast. I asked her if she wanted the TV on, she says  “Want DVD, Going on a Bear Hunt”  which is a Storybook Dads DVD I did for her…I honestly believe if it wasn’t for the DVDs, me and Maisie wouldn’t have anywhere near as strong a bond. The DVDs kept me in her mind a lot more than prison visits alone. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. The DVDs are priceless! I will tell Maisie all about Storybook Dads when she is old enough to understand.”

Billy’s Mother also wrote to us:

”Our grand-daughter was just 15 months old when her Daddy was sent to prison. We all had a real fear that during the time he was away, he would fade from her memory. We firmly believe that Storybook Dads and the wonderful work they do, have been instrumental in helping to maintain that all important bond between them, and keep Daddy fresh in her mind. As a result, when they do get to see each other, there is no shyness or reticence because she sees him often on the TV telling her stories!

The staff and volunteers are completely non-judgemental and offer a friendly, nurturing environment to all those inmates who either record a CD or DVD for their children. In less than 6 months he will be home, but I know for sure that none of us will forget the impact Storybook Dads has had or the difference it has made”