What we've been up to this month:

Christmas is our busiest time of year!  We are all working flat out to produce hundreds of CDs and DVDs in time for the children to have their special gift on Christmas day.

 Quotes from parents in prison

“This is the first time I have sat and recorded a story for my son, I know he will be so happy when he listens to it.  With it being Christmas, I was feeling a little down, listening to the recording, with its sound effects really cheered me up.  Please convey my thanks to everyone involved”

“Without Storybook Dads there would be no relationship and nothing for me to be good for. Thank you to everyone at Storybook Dads”

 “It’s helped me to rebuild a relationship with my daughter, which was just about over.  She now knows my voice and wants to talk to me about the stories on the phone.  I don’t ever want to let her down again”

 “My kids loved it.  It’s really helped with their reading and confidence (and mine!)  My missus got a bit emotional because she knows I’ve never read a book before in my life.  Best feeling ever”

“The first time Lola heard the CD, she kept saying “I love my Daddy”.  There’s not much I can do for her from in here, but she reads along with the CD and we are making a memory book so at least I’m helping with her reading.  It’s like it brings us closer.’ 

Quotes from prisoners’ families  

“Amazing! I have not seen my child so happy in a long time.  Now she can see her Daddy every night.  It makes the hurt and confusion a lot easier to handle.  Thank you so much for making this tough time that bit easier”

“My children are so happy after hearing their Dad’s voice.  It was the most beautiful thing.  We are so grateful.  It has truly helped.  Thank you so much.”

 “Thank you for another story for my children.  It’s like bringing a little bit of light to their somewhat daunting and insecure little worlds.  Long may the good work continue.”