What we've been up to this month:

We had this note through from a mum that we'd like to share..

"Thank you so much for sending my children a cd and book from their dad. I got it a few weeks ago but due to house renovations hasn’t got round to opening it and sitting down with the children. He was unfortunately shipped out of nearby prison a few weeks ago, which was devastating as he was doing so well on his ‘Family Matters’ course there…..so the children haven’t seen their dad for around 6 weeks now.

"We have finally settled into our home again (after renovations) and tonight I decided it would be nice for them to hear daddy’s voice. We sat down in mummy’s bedroom with our books and listened to daddy read the bedtime story. What’s more special is that this was the exact story my 5 year old daughter used to make him read to her - so she was over the moon that in her words “he remembered and picked the story he reads when he’s here mummy, he remembered!“

"My son was fascinated that daddy was reading a story -the same one he had in his hand!! My daughter did get quite emotional afterwards as it hit her that she hadn’t seen him for a while after hearing his voice - but she has fell asleep knowing daddy is still thinking of her and loves her very much!!! I can’t thank you enough for what you do!!! Thank you!"