What we've been up to this month:

Meet Jamie.

Jamie met his Switchback Mentor on the wings in HMP Isis and after being in and out of prison for 7 years had realised he wanted to be done with his old life and start something new. 

On release, Jamie made things happen by attending all of his shifts as well as appointments with his Switchback Mentor. Change is never easy and after a rash choice Jamie was recalled to prison for a month after making such a positive start.

This didn’t stop Jamie. On release for the second time he returned to Switchback and started where he left off- a brave and determined decision. With the help of his Switchback Mentor, he forced himself to stop, reflect and look at why he was tempted to take the easy or quick route.

Even when every fibre of his DNA urged him to go back to his old life, he stuck with it and kept coming in to Switchback and taking control of the change he wanted to make.

Whilst training in the Café from Crisis, Jamie developed a passion for coffee and coffee art. He revelled in his new found passion and would show anyone interested (or not!) the new latte art he was working on. His infectious enthusiasm secured him a work trial at the coffee social enterprise, Second Shot. The barista team recognised a raw talent that they felt they could nurture.

Jamie was offered a trainee position and took it with both hands. Jamie made things work. He rode the ups and downs, learning on the way that they were a part of his development. Jamie has been at Second Shot for over a year and is now a supervisor and a new dad. Well done Jamie!