What we've been up to this month:

Jack, a Switchback Trainee was released from HMP Rochester at the end in December 2016. Although it was his first time in prison, he had been involved in crime for over 10 years, making large amounts of money. Whilst crime was a job that made Jack wealthy, his life was turbulent and he was exhausted from constantly looking over his shoulder, fearing arrest. Inevitably, Jack did go to prison and it was this was this which was the catalyst for his readiness to change. His Switchback Mentor was by his side, ready to help him achieve it.

“If you were to read my file, you'd understand how much I've changed. I was totally money orientated and was making up to £1,500 a day before I went to prison, lying and doing whatever it took. Now I earn nothing volunteering in the café but it’s all about focusing my energy and putting it into something positive. For me it's nurturing my mind.

I wouldn't have been introduced to the types of people I have in that old life and I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I have now, for instance I have great work experience next week and again the week after. I’m meeting new people in new places all the time.  You can tell your Switchback Mentor the truth without worrying that they’re going to get upset or judge you about it. They make you feel safe”.

Since his release, Jack has had plenty of ups and downs and it hasn’t always been easy to keep moving forward. Despite the challenges, he continues to stick to his commitment to change and live life differently.