What we've been up to this month:

At Switchback we encourage and challenge our Trainees across all areas of their lives. One of the areas we focus on is employment and we work closely with a wide range of local employers who support us by facilitating visits and work placements so that our Trainees can feel empowered and in control when exploring job opportunities on the outside.

Part of getting a job usually involves an interview of some kind but these can be very new and daunting for someone who may not have had one for a long time. This month, international law firm Allen & Overy, invited Switchback Trainee Kevin to take part in a ‘mock interview’ session at their offices so that he could learn some new skills and techniques to help build the confidence needed in order to move on into rewarding and stable employment in the future.

Kevin has now started his PTS training to become a rail track engineer and we are confident that he’ll be one of the 78% of Switchback Trainees who, having completed our programme will go on to gaining permanent work.