What we've been up to this month:

One of the ways Switchback helps young men to live life differently on release is to build up their confidence and skills so that they’re able to move into employment. This is a big deal for a lot of Trainees, as many have never had a job before. As well as spending time working in a training environment, we make sure that our Trainees get an insight into different jobs and workplaces, with trips to our employer partners.

This month, Switchback Trainees Raihan, Ersan and Michael went to visit a branch of Leon on Tottenham Court Road. Store manager John introduced the Trainees to the business, including the ‘naturally fast food’ they prepare. The Trainees were told about the different roles in store, and then had a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchens, where they had a go at making some of the signature Leon wraps (and got to taste the results!).

John made the Trainees feel really welcome, taking the time to talk to each of them about their time at Switchback and their hopes for the future.

Trips like this offer Trainees a real insight into work, raising their aspirations and opening their eyes to the range of jobs they can apply for after they’ve completed the Switchback programme.