A story from this month:

Ziyad started Switchback in 2015, after deciding that he wanted to make a positive change in his life. He had been in and out of prison since his mid-teens and many believed it was the ‘same old Ziyad’ who would be back inside within no time. Release wasn’t easy and the change proved to be an immense challenge that at times had Ziyad feeling very low and demoralised. However, with the help of his Switchback Mentor he kept going through the ups and downs and was able to learn new ways of doing things that in time helped him to experience a life away from crime, where he was able to build a portfolio of new positive experiences.

This week, Ziyad popped into the office to tell us that he had now been out of prison for two years, the longest time that he had ever been able to do this since coming into contact with the criminal justice system! It’s been a long and difficult journey, but Ziyad kept going, he learnt from his mistakes and he continues to build his career as a chef. Change isn’t easy; it’s a slow road but if you want it, anything is possible!