What we've been up to this month:

Two weeks ago, Switchback Trainee Yasin was paid for the first time ever!

Released from prison at the age of 24, Yasin was attending college when he was sent to prison so had never experienced working life before.

Since his release, with help from his Switchback Mentor, Yasin has been doing an excellent job in his café shifts and embracing the Switchback experience. One of Switchback’s partner employers offered Yasin a day’s work on a food stall on the Southbank, he did so well that he has now been offered regular weekend work. Together with his Switchback Mentor, Yasin is still figuring out what his next steps will be into full-time work but this is a fantastic step and a confidence boost.

Not only has Yasin been working in the café, working weekends, attending Switchback trips; he also volunteered to take part in the Raise Your Hands video AND made scones for our Chief Executives maternity leave party! There’s still some work to do, but Yasin is proving that with hard work and determination, you can completely change your life #livelifedifferently