How we’ve spent the 2018 grant so far

The Raise Your Hand grant has gone into our core pot of funding which funds our programme work for young offenders like Raf (more below). Below are our latest impact stats.

Switchback impact infographic

Raf's story

Switchback trainee Raf is on the right track, following his final cafe shift.
After spending over four years in prison, he was determined not to return, and started his training with us at the end of July. He’d worked in the prison kitchen and seen the value of routine in changing things up. So even though Raf knew he didn’t want to seek chef work long-term, he threw himself into training at Cafe From Crisis for six weeks.
Throughout his training, Raf knew that he wanted to work in the railway industry, and we’re delighted to say he’s now started a full-time railway course, including personal track safety and track induction.
We’re so proud of the distance Raf has travelled – and can’t wait to see what great things are further down the line for him!