What we've been up to this month:

Monique started working with Andrew in HMP Isis. He'd never had a legit job and sold drugs for 10 years. They worked together for over 3 months, preparing for his life & future after release. When Andrew got out of prison, just a couple of weeks later, he left Switchback saying he felt it wasn’t the right path for him. 

Months on, Andrew has just phoned in: “I had to call & speak with you because I felt we ended on a bad note. I wanted you to know I’m doing really well, working for a window company with my brother. I install windows & sometimes work in the office doing admin. I feel like I’ve been doing really well, I'm still at my mums which is a challenge but it's rent free which means I can save!

"I have felt tempted to do what I was doing before, but I haven’t. I wanted you to know that in prison you really helped to keep my spirits up, you were one of very few people who believed in me & helped me in ways I don’t even think you know. I wanted to send flowers but I really wanted to speak to you & thank you properly instead.”

Switchback Mentors often work intensively to this point with young men like Andrew. We think it’s worth celebrating all the Andrews who didn’t complete the journey BUT because of the work they did with us, have completely changed their lives anyway. Big up Switchback Mentors for all their HARD WORK & Big up Switchback Trainees, no matter how long or short their journey with us!