What we've been up to this month:

Switchback Trainee Eshan got in touch with Switchback to share the wonderful news that he’s got himself a promotion!

Eshan knew he wanted to do things differently after his release, having already been to prison twice previously. However, when first released, he found himself wanting to rush ahead and do things quickly on his own to complete his goals. With the support of his Switchback Mentor, he understood the importance of persisting with working the long way round, taking time to make the right decisions for him and his future, even when it felt hard. Eshan decided to make the most out of his time at Switchback and finished the programme when he was ready, not when he thought he should.  

Eshan then started working at a well know London market soon after moving on from Switchback and he’s delighted to now be managing it! Eshan has great ambitions for his future but is still using the skills he learnt around consistency and patience so that he can continue to live his life differently. "I want to stay here for another year or so, get even more experience behind me, then move on into another managerial position.”