What we've been up to this month:

‘When someone in prison commits to becoming a Switchback Trainee, they know it's going to be a challenge! And sometimes the most challenging things can be sticking to new routines and taking the long way around to get to where you want to be.

Dylon’s dream was always to work on a rail track, but like most of the people we work with, he had no experience or idea how to make that happen. Like all Trainees, on release Dylon started completing shifts at one of our partner training cafes. Real-work training, alongside one to one support, helps Trainees to build their CV and gain confidence. Dylon excelled in his shifts at the café, which led to work experience, which led to paid work, he even catered at an event at Soane’s Kitchen!

When Trainees feel good about themselves, they feel even more spurred on to stick to their commitment to change. Dylon continued to work with his Switchback Mentor on all areas of his life and at the right time, he was able to use all the transferable skills he’d built at Switchback to get himself his dream job of working on the railway!

“Switchback helps you find your abilities. When you’re at your training placements it brings something out of you, where you realise you didn’t even know you could be good at something.”’