What we've been up to this month:

Since Christmas, Kidscape have been planning for the future to make sure we’re ready to provide the best possible support for children and their families.
This summer, Kidscape will be running RISE workshops to help children in year 6 move up to secondary school with confidence, feeling ready to handle any change that life throws at them. These empowering workshops are three hours long, and explore change management, confidence and strategies to use in bullying situations in a safe, nurturing environment.
RISE was piloted last summer to great success; 95% of children who attended felt more confident about the move, and 95% said they felt more able to handle a bullying situation, and all children felt more able to make new friends. One parent said of the programme:

“I don’t know what magic you used but I can not believe the transformation! He has been confident to make friends and even started to leave the house to socialise. He tells me that some of the kids from primary he used to fight with still call him names or challenge him but he uses the strategies he has used in the session and this stops any conflict.”
In summer 2019, RISE will be available to more children than ever. Watch this space.