What we've been up to this month:

As you can imagine, in January the sea can be a pretty cold and conditions rough. Our Project Co-ordinators have been busy processing referrals from a broad range of professionals for our spring Surfing As Therapy courses. Recruiting and training volunteers has also been high on our agenda; without whom our projects would simply not run.

The cold weather hasn’t stopped our 10 Surf Clubs across the country getting together. From East Scotland to South West England we are continuing to support over 325 vulnerable children and young people. These winter sessions ensure that they are still able to get together (regardless of the weather and sea conditions) to reduce their isolation and engage in fun and confidence building activities. So what have they been up to?.... 

  • Winter water sessions are being held at several artificial wave centres, such as Flowrider in Cornwall. It can be a lot harder to catch and surf a wave…… but it’s a whole heap of fun.
  • In Scotland, Cornwall and the Isle of Wight our children and volunteers have snuggled up with popcorn to watch the odd ‘surf film’ including Soul Surfer and The Accord. It might not be challenging…. but it’s good to get together.
  • We have also teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage and local marine life groups for some beach cleaning ….. ensuring our community of kids and volunteers are also giving back to the wider community.