How we’ve spent the 2018 grant so far

Raise Your Hands donated £8,500 in unrestricted funding to The Wave Project in January. This has been used to support our core costs of programme delivery. In particular, funding was used on our education programmes, Beach School and Surf Back to School, to pay for additional staffing, equipment and transport of children to the sessions.

The outcomes of these projects have been amazing (more in our June update) and it was made possible by the RYH grant. Because the money is unrestricted it gives us the flexibility to increase staffing levels when required. This is such a big issue for small charities when so much of our funding is restricted to very specific projects or uses.

Having flexible funding gives valuable breathing space when making decisions, and crucially leads to better outcomes for children. Without RYH funding this spring, we would not have been able to provide the 1:1 coaching support required by some of the children on our Surf Back to School project.

Transporting children to the beach is also a big, ongoing cost for us, and the grant helped to do that across all our programmes.

As well as the outcomes for individual children, the RYH grant has helped us to embed our education programme in schools, particularly in Cornwall, giving us further sustainability for the future.

Thank you Raise Your Hands members!