April has been amazing here at the Wave Project! We *loved* the video made by Raise Your Hands which featured our awesome volunteers helping children feel more positive through surfing. Release of this video helpfully coincided with the launch of our first surf courses of the year, which started this month.

We were really proud to launch our first course in the North of England at Scarborough, where we are working with 16 young people referred by NHS services (see pictures). The first session took place in the middle of the cold snap in April, but in spite of the chilly temperature of the North Sea, our clients had a super time at the sessions. These sessions have been continuing each week and the clients are making excellent progress, feeling more positive and engaging better with each other. 

Further north in Scotland we had a double whammy this month. Hot on the heels of being announced as the Lottery People's Project, our Scottish project was granted its own charity number (SC046500 in case you need it). And secondly, The Wave Project has been nominated for the Best Innovation in Community Sport at the Sports Business Innovation Awards. This is a huge compliment to the hard work and dedication of our Scotland team, who show up in rain, shine and even hailstorms and snow to make sure our young people have an amazing time.

In Cornwall we had a fantastic week with the amazing students from Calthorpe Academy in Birmingham, who came to stay for a week's surf camp in Newquay. These students all faced behavioural challenges, but really embraced everything the ocean threw at them despite the tricky and chilly conditions. They stayed in for hours, showing their teachers and carers up, even though many of them had never seen the sea before the start of the week.

One of their teachers said "It really is amazing! In the years I've know Bradley, I've never seen him so determined and focused a something. He's just so happy right now!" What a compliment!

In Brighton our surf club had an awesome time at Hove Lagoon, where they went wakeboarding for the first time. There’s a video on Wave Project Brighton’s Facebook page which captures one of our members having a go – check it out! 

Next month we can’t wait to launch our new project in North Wales, which is being entirely funded by Raise Your Hands donors. This starts on 15 May and we’ll look forward to updating you about this next month.