What they've been up to this month:

This month, the Wave Project have been working hard to recruit new volunteers to help with their free surf therapy sessions, which will start in April. The Wave Project have completely updated our volunteer handbook, which is our volunteers’ guide to great engagement with our young people.

The Wave Project recruit volunteers by inviting them to come to a session, informally without any commitment. They meet other prospective volunteers and learn more about the charity, their aims and objectives and their approach to working with vulnerable children. The Wave Project also cover a bit of safeguarding and child protection.  Finally, they go for a surf!

Generally this gives the volunteers a feeling of cohesion, which is vital to creating the positive atmosphere on their sessions that is the hallmark of their work. As the Wave Project build a relationships with our volunteer surf mentors, they are given more responsibility and further training, until they are eventually able to lead a new volunteer training session themselves!

The Wave Project have also produced this cool promotional video to recruit new surf mentors, which is here.