What we've been up to this month:

Leon, aged 13 has been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Leon’s mother shares their story: “Leon’s behaviour can be challenging and he can be aggressive in social situations. He wasn’t socialising and had a low perception of what he liked to do …..but he liked water. When he started The Wave Project everything took a turn.

He was at first wary of the other children but he has now made some friends. All the support from the surf mentors, they are so happy and smiley and encouraging…… it has boosted his confidence no end. After he gets out of the water he says “I feel so much better now. I can think straight”. Leon’s aim this year is to stand up on a board. It’s good to see him challenging himself. The water has turned him around. 

The Wave Project has made a difference to me as a parent. I get so much from seeing my son so happy. It’s a lifeline for parents like me who don’t get respite. Leon is now happy for me to go off and have a coffee with another mum. It’s nice to see how things will be better in the future”.

Our follow-on Surf Club supports over 270 vulnerable children and young people like Leon, providing regular sea sessions and artificial wave sessions over the winter.