What we've been up to this month:

Our surf therapy sessions start this weekend (31 March) so we’ve been gearing up to work with our awesome new young people! Pre-season is our opportunity to find out about the children we will be working with, their backgrounds and goals.

It is always an eye-opener for us, hearing about the challenges they are facing. When we see them smiling in the water, it’s easy to forget the trauma they have been through which generated their referral to us in the first place. However, our mission as a charity is to help children to understand what it is like to feel good and be happy, so we are focused on doing that over the next few weeks. 

As well as Surf Therapy, we will also be running our education programmes Beach School and Surf Back to School. Beach School helps children who are not achieving their full potential to be re-engaged with their education, by doing their lessons on the beach rather than in the classroom.

Last year this programme generated a big increase in attendance and engagement from pupils who participated – we hope to achieve the same this year! Surf Back To School focuses on small groups of children who are not in school due to exclusion or reduced-timetable provision. The aim is to get them feeling better about themselves first, and then encourage them to engage in school afterwards.

We can’t wait to get into the water with these guys and look forward to sending you some awesome new updates next month!