Morten is an entrepreneur with an ear for classical guitar and rave music, and a taste for spirits that haven't been left on the kitchen counter overnight. Read more


Weirdly Shipbroker Tom also has a chequered history as a mascot (see Rosie). Thanks to warm conditions and a hangover, 'Paws' didn't make it to half time. Read more


Mel is a clinical specialist delivery exercise and nutritional programmes to patients. Despite an inauspicious start, being born a lift, she went on to Olympian related glory. Read more


Sean is a lawyer from Australia, currently residing in London. With five passports, Sean was perfect spy material but instead met Michael Jackson. Favourite factoid: if you fold a piece of paper 42 times you reach the moon. Read more


Rosie is an assistant stylist and longer term wants to concentrate on ethical and sustainable fashion. In a former life, Rosie was a football mascot. The difference between one million and one billion still blows her mind. Read more


Along with Aled, Jono is Co-Founder of payment platform Paytogether. Jono used to work in prison as a Social Worker and once went swimming with Bull sharks without a cage. And yes, they do attack humans, we checked. Read more


Cenn is CEO & Founder of Mandarin - English nursery school Hatching Dragons. Former deviant choirboy Cenn once locked the Archbishop of Cantebury in the toilets at Lambeth Palace after a concert. Read more


Helen is a private client & charities solicitor. Her polite manner was honed from an early age when she won her school's courtesy prize. Favourite factoid: the world's heaviest shorn fleece weighed 40kg Read more


James is COO of Fidante Partners. Formerly a presenter of "The Mag" with Josie D'Arby, James now enjoys any combination of sport and wine. Favourite factoid: if you want the rainbow, you have to have the rain. Read more


Aled is Co-Founder of group payment gateway, Paytogether. He once spent a night in a Cuban jail and dated Jeremy Beadle's daughter - not the same night. His favourite factoid: dairy doesn't go off, it just evolves.. Read more