Sean is a lawyer from Australia, currently residing in London. With five passports, Sean was perfect spy material but instead met Michael Jackson. Favourite factoid: if you fold a piece of paper 42 times you reach the moon.Read more


Rosie is an assistant stylist and longer term wants to concentrate on ethical and sustainable fashion. Earlier on in life, Rosie was a football mascot. The difference between one million and one billion still blows her mind.Read more


Along with Aled, Jono is Co-Founder of payment platform Paytogether. Jono used to work in prison as a Social Worker and once went swimming with Bull sharks without a cage. And yes, they do attack humans, we checked.Read more


Cenn is CEO & Founder of Mandarin - English nursery school Hatching Dragons. Former deviant choirboy Cenn once locked the Archbishop of Cantebury in the toilets at Lambeth Palace after a concert.Read more


Helen is a private client & charities solicitor. Her polite manner was honed from an early age when she won her school's courtesy prize. Favourite factoid: the world's heaviest shorn fleece weighed 40kgRead more


James is COO of Fidante Partners. Formerly a presenter of "The Mag" with Josie D'Arby, James now enjoys any combination of sport and wine. Favourite factoid: if you want the rainbow, you have to have the rain.Read more


Aled is Co-Founder of group payment gateway, Paytogether. He once spent a night in a Cuban jail and dated Jeremy Beadle's daughter - not at the same time. His favourite factoid: dairy doesn't go off, it just evolves..Read more