Raise Your Hands is a member community that supports small charities working with children.

Why are we here?

We believe there is an injustice in the UK charity sector. There are highly effective and innovative small charities that transform the lives of young people every day. They do amazing work and yet they still struggle for funding.

Small charities don’t have big marketing teams to reach lots of people. That means the largest 1.2% of charities in the UK receive 70% of the income.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable source of funding for exceptional small charities that work with young people. We research and select highly effective charities and support them by raising money and their profile.

Giving on your terms

We also believe charity needs a fresh approach. Our community of members give through positive collaboration and have a huge impact by harnessing the power of community. As a member you pay a flat monthly fee, with no further asks, and 100% of that money goes directly to our charities. No chugging, cold calling or negative marketing.

We carry out extensive research to select charities that have the most impact on the lives of young people. This means you can be sure your money is well spent.

In return, we offer you a chance to engage with our charities on your terms and have your say.

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