There's a mad event on 19th May in aid of Raise Your Hands – be a part of it

Midnight Madness is a cross between the Crystal Maze & The Da Vinci Code, with a whole host of immersive theatre and London as the stage. 30 teams of up to 10 people compete with one another to solve puzzles all across the capital. The event is in aid of Raise Your Hands, and the 12 wonderful charities we support.

In order to make this inaugural London incarnation of Midnight Madness a success, we need some volunteers to work around the following areas:

- Set up & breakdown of the event sites
- Managing a highly challenging cryptic puzzle in an iconic location in London.
- Covertly handing out information and clues to participants along the way.
- Logistical assistance ranging from putting together and handing out backpacks containing clues to setting up immersive scenes and activities
- Be an actor in an immersive theatre party on a boat from 11pm – Midnight on the Thames

We'll be working on set up and breakdown from around 9am on Saturday, until 9pm Sunday, with the event taking place overnight on 19th May.

We're looking for volunteers to give 2 hours or more that weekend. If you're interested, please email us and Morgan will be in touch to work out a time & role that works for you.

In return, you will be entered into a draw to receive a free night at a hotel of your choice courtesy of Room to Reward, an awesome organisation who exist to thank amazing volunteers and hidden heroes!