Data wizards offer a hand

The support that we offer our small charities comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s not just about the money (although it certainly helps)!

When we take on a charity they become part of a family of organisations in similar situations, facing similar challenges. Knowledge sharing and capacity building are key parts of our work, both between our charities, and by providing access to experts who are happy to give their time and expertise. Sometimes that can be even more powerful than cash.

Around a year ago, Raise Your Hands made a connection with Curvestone who know their stuff when it comes to all things data and automation. This was an area lots of our charities had flagged so we were over the moon when Curvestone kindly offered to provide pro-bono consultancy to RYH charities.

In the past 12 months they’ve given invaluable support to 4 of our small charities – more details below – and delighted to say that they’d like to continue the partnership into 2019.

We’re incredibly grateful to Curvestone for their fantastic work and the time they’ve given to help those that need it most.

It’s just one great example of how the RYH family supports vital work changing the lives of young people across the UK.

How Curvestone have supported our charities:


Currently building a CRM (in Salesforce) to replace their database. Also provided a free consultation to find a solution to their current issues on their website with a view to helping them with this in the next cycle. 


Free consultation and advice on the best solutions to their technical difficulties with an offer to dive deeper into this should they wish.

Grief Encounter

Free consultation to validate if their current technology provider was offering value for money proposal for building a new website.
Analysed their provider & proposal, found other charities that worked with that particular provider and introduced Grief Encounter to those charities so they could compare notes. 


Currently in touch about automating salesforce as this is something that we have expertise in.