Let's be honest, new year's resolutions are hard. You wake up on the 1st of January motivated to get to the gym or to drink a little less (especially if you've got a headache) and in a few days you begin to wonder whether resolutions are really all that important...

As a member of Raise Your Hands, you're having a massive positive impact through the small, innovative charities we support. These amazing causes are making waves when it comes to making the UK a more supportive and positive environment for young people. By being a member of our community, here are three pretty massive pledges and resolutions you're making, and keeping.

Helping to reduce the national re-offending rate

The national re-offending rate is about 46%. This means when someone is released from prison, there is a 46% chance that they will commit a crime again. This is pretty high, especially when we compare ourselves to somewhere like Norway, which only has a reoffending rate of about 20%. However, Switchback run programmes that change the lives of young offenders. The re-offending rate for people on their programme is just 8%.  

Switchback is one of the amazing charities that we work with, and they focus on rehabilitation and holistic reintegration to society, which in turn helps the communities that would be affected by potential crime. Membership of RYH really can be a gift that keeps on giving - check out their amazing theory of change here.

Helping young people who feel suicidal

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK, and very prevalent in young children. 200 schoolchildren commit suicide every year, drastically impacting their schools, families, friends and communities. PAPYRUS provides support and guidance to those who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts, and their support networks - parents, schools, peers to name a few. PAPYRUS also works hard to influence national policy so that others may continue the work to prevent alarming suicide rates.

PAPYRUS joined the RYH collection of awesome small charities a year ago, so your membership helps prevent suicides and give advice and support to young people who need it. Check out their new #SpotTheSigns campaign here.

Helping to restore the confidence in bullied children

Bullying has always been a problem for young people, but with the exponential rise of cyber-bullying, it has become a lot harder for parents and teachers to deal with. Kidscape run workshops to help restore self esteem and help young people deal with bullies in the long run. These workshops are called ZAP, and Kidscape report that over 95% of attendees feel more confident immediately after these workshops. 

We're really proud supporters of Kidscape, and their great model of increasing confidence and assertiveness in vulnerable children. We've been supporting them through members' contributions since 2016, and can't wait to grow that support. We're particularly impressed with their online resources, so take a look!

So, even if you haven't stuck to your new year's resolution this year, you've already helped people achieve some amazing things as a member of Raise Your Hands.

Not yet a member? You can sign up here and start fulfilling some truly amazing new year's resolutions. 100% of your membership contributions go to these and our 8 other awesome organisations. You can find out more on our website.