Connecting our members to create mutually beneficial relationships

The Raise Your Hands community is full of talented and experienced individuals. But we're often too busy to expand our professional network. Networking events can be time consuming with hit and miss results. Building good connections requires good 1-1 introductions. Raise Your Hands will make this happen. 

The 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Take 2 minutes to sign up (below). Let us know your areas of expertise, the types of people you'd like to meet and preferred times and location. 

Step 2

We'll send you an email at the beginning of each week to ask you for your availability.

Step 3

If you're free and want to connect, you'll receive a proposed match from us via an intro email, along with a mutually convenient meeting location. 

Step 4

On Friday, meet your connection for a serendipitous coffee!

Give it a go. Who knows where your connection might take you.

Sign up to Coffee Connections->