Jeff Leung

Midnight Madness is an epic overnight immersive challenge. On 19th May we'll be battling it out with other big names in the city for glory. But first up, we've got to raise some money. Money to support exceptional small charities across the UK, selected and monitored by Raise Your Hands for the great work they do. Help us help them and blow the competition out of the water!

Our competition will be fierce, and of particular note, we will be benchmarked against "a Crackers team of Oxford University and University College London (woop UCL pride) academics across the disciplines of mathematics, cryptography and number theory".

I don't think you can sleep soundly at night after hearing that. Help us cure your isomnia now by donating towards this great cause! We make a guarantee that we will defeat them, and if we don't, I will personally double my donation.

About Raise your Hands (from their main page)

There is an injustice in the UK charity sector. Small charities transform lives every day. They do amazing work, with real impact, and yet they still struggle for funding.

Small charities don’t have big marketing teams to reach lots of people. That means the largest 1.2% of charities in the UK receive 70% of the income. We want to address that imbalance.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable source of funding for exceptional small charities. Our focus is small charities working with young people.

Jeff Leung