Richard Thomas


Raise Your Hands finds, selects and supports exceptional small charities working with children and
young people.

Small charities struggle for funding, but not due to a lack of efficiency or good work, or because
they’re somehow less impactful. They receive less funding because they do not have the resources to effectively fundraise for themselves. They are simply not able to reach people in the same way as larger, more institutional bodies.

This is where Raise Your Hands comes in. They find, select and monitor exceptional small charities. We give donors the opportunity to give to proven, effective small charities who are experts at what they do, allowing them to focus more on what they do best: improving the lives of children across the UK.


Aldis, P; Baker, H; Bradbeer, H; Fisher, A; Hughes, J; Ilhan, A; Parker, D; Rothwell, R; Tange, K; Thomas R;


The game is a series of cleverly camouflaged, incredibly ingenious and devilishly difficult puzzles — the answers to which indicate the location of the next puzzle, and so on, until the finish line. The
teams will have to contend with all the twists and turns of the immersive narrative that brings all the action together. This year’s teams will compete all night, hunting for, solving, and executing puzzles embedded in the urban landscape of London.


1. Do not tamper with the clues
2. No private motorised transport
3. Follow instructions from Game Control

Richard Thomas