Danny Wray On May 11th, we’re taking part in one of the toughest intellectual challenges around. Midnight Madness is an overnight puzzle solving challenge with all of London the stage. Our crack team of Marshall Wace graduates – the 'Eureka Seekers' – will be battling it out for glory against 29 teams of the brightest minds from the City: from Goldman Sachs to Man Group, and even a team of Oxford University professors.

Midnight Madness is a series of cleverly camouflaged, incredibly ingenious and devilishly difficult puzzles – the answers to which indicate the location of the next puzzle, and so on, until the finish line. Teams will compete all night, hunting for, solving, and executing puzzles embedded in the urban landscape of London. The winning team will be the first to cross the finish line. The event is based upon its highly successful namesake that took place in New York in 2015 and raised $3.1m for charity.

Ahead of then, we need your help. We’re raising money for a fantastic cause: 'Raise Your Hands'

There is an injustice in the charity sector: it is not a meritocracy. The top 1.2% of charities in terms of turnover receive 72% of the money donated in the UK. One assumes that money would flow to those that were most in need. However there are hundreds of exceptional small charities that struggle for funding simply because they don’t have the time or resources to fundraise effectively for themselves. Raise Your Hands finds small effective charities working with children across the UK, conducts due diligence on them, monitors them and raises money for them.

The RYH charities are specialists in their areas, helping children with HIV, children at risk of suicide, children that have been bullied and children that have lost parents, amongst others. In 2016, over 85,000 young people across the UK accessed the services of the RYH supported charities. RYH carefully select and monitor their charities so you know your money is going to have the most impact.

Help us help them and blow the competition out of the water on 11th. Thank you for your support! Danny Wray