Tim Dinsdale Born in New York and debuting in London, Midnight Madness is a grueling, night-long test of brains, guile, grit, determination, and sleep-deprivation tolerance. We in the AllStars live for inscrutable puzzles flickering from a faulty monitor at four am; this is our chance to hit the streets and see these realized across the city as it sleeps. As the dawn slowly breaks and dazzles our exhausted eyes, we are determined to be the team who steps across the finish line first.

We are taking on this for Raise Your Hands.

Raise Your Hands has a mission to provide a sustainable source of funding for exceptional small charities. Their focus is small charities working with young people. Because small charities don’t have big marketing teams to reach lots of people, the largest 1.2% of charities in the UK receive 70% of the income. They want to address that imbalance.

Please give generously! Tim Dinsdale