Kidscape give young people, parents and professionals the tools and confidence to challenge bullying and abuse in all forms.

About us

We are the only national children’s charity that offers face-to-face intervention programmes which support young people who are facing bullying. We empower parents who are unsure how to speak to their school and advise professionals who need guidance on safeguarding and child protection.

In 2016 we worked directly with over 20,000 young people and delivered training or support to more than 400 schools. We helped 3,500 professionals increase their knowledge and skills around child protection and anti-bullying.

ZAP is our free one-day workshop for children and young people aged 9-16 who have experienced bullying. Since it's launch in 1999, we have worked with over 5,000 desperate young people. Of those who attend:

  • 96% feel more confident immediately afterwards
  • 80% feel better able to deal with bullying, long term
  • 68% see a significant and lasting drop in bullying
  • 88% reported better mental and physical health
  • 89% enjoy a closer relationship with parents/carers

And it's not just the children who benefit. Parents/carers report:

  • improved emotional health (91%) and feeling less isolated (98%)
  • a better relationship with the school (80%)
  • feeling better able to support their child (90%)

Louis' story

When Louis, 14, arrived at his new school, he was immediately singled out by a group of older kids. What started as name calling and threats quickly escalated into physical violence and theft. Despite an embarrassing incident in a classroom, with a teacher’s full knowledge, Louis’ problem was ignored by the school. At the end of his tether, following phone calls to his home and death threats, Louis found Kidscape.

Kidscape slowly helped Louis to re-assert himself, believe in himself and gain confidence… Four years on he's been made Head Boy of his new school! We're so thrilled for him.

His mum told us:

"As you can imagine, we are so proud of Louis. He thanks us at least 3 times a week for giving him the opportunity to attend his new school. He loves it, is happy and has worked incredibly hard since he joined. I keep telling him he does not need to keep thanking us, just seeing him so happy makes it all worthwhile. It isn't just our help that has got him where he is though, it is also Kidscape and although I say this every time I communicate with you, the confidence and belief that you all gave him has stayed with him..."

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