Giving young people, parents and professionals the tools and confidence to challenge bullying and abuse in all forms.

Kidscape is the anti-bullying charity that helps.
6% of children in the UK experience bullying every day. That’s equivalent to one child per classroom. Bullying has an impact on self-esteem, mental health and a child’s relationships and educational attainment.
Kidscape works directly with children and families experiencing bullying. We are committed to using the power of education to change lives and support teachers and others working with children to prevent and respond to bullying.
Kidscape works across the UK. We provide workshops for children and their families, teaching confidence and assertiveness skills to tackle a bullying situation. After attending a Kidscape ZAP workshop, 95% of children feel better about themselves and 98% feel more able to deal with a bullying situation. In the longer term, 90% of children experience an improvement in mental health and three-quarters experience less bullying.
“Before I went to ZAP, I wasn't very good at standing up for myself but after I went to ZAP it just really helped me. I was able to just block bullies out and if I needed to I could stand up for myself and that made my life a whole lot happier,” says a ZAP child.
“It was brilliant. It saved us,” says a ZAP parent.
Kidscape’s approach involves the whole family. We provide an advice line for parents and carers concerned about bullying, giving practical advice, support and guidance for navigating the complex waters of supporting their children and dealing with schools. Parents also receive an expert advice session at a ZAP workshop to empower them to handle the challenges.
We also train professionals and school students in how to challenge and prevent bullying in schools.
If you are affected by bullying in any way, Kidscape is with you.

Macie’s story

10 year old Macie experienced bullying. At a ZAP workshop, she practiced how to deal with bullying scenarios through roleplaying in a safe setting. She now knows what to do if she encounters these situations, and finds it easier to ask for help.

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